[S04E03] July 2022 - Charlotte Dubois


In the July 2022 episode of the Theremin 30 podcast, host Rick Reid plays theremin music from Germany, Iceland, Japan, France, and Australia. Rick interviews thereminist/pianist Charlotte Dubois about her new album Gamme de couleurs. 

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  • "What the Eye Doesn't See" - Donna Maya (Berlin, Germany)
  • "Enn og Aftur" - Hekla (Reykjavík, Iceland)
  • "Ombra mai fu" - Yoko Onishi (Zushi, Japan) 
  • "Peak Body" - Miles Brown (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
*The full-length recordings featured in this show were used with the knowledge and permission of the artists and composers. Please support the artists by visiting their websites, purchasing their recordings, and attending their performances. 







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David Brower  00:04

This is Theremin 3030 minutes of Fairmined music news events and interviews with a new episode about every 30 days. Now here's your host from Denver, Colorado, USA, Rick Reid.


Rick Reid  00:19

Hey there, welcome to the July 2022 episode of the Theremin 30 Podcast. I'm Rick Reid and I've been your host for more than three years now. And normally, I'm trying to publish the episodes around the first day of each month. But I got distracted by some other projects recently and or the desire to just take a long nap under my air conditioner. Here in Denver, Colorado. Today, we set a record for the highest high temperature for this date. And this morning, we actually set a record for the highest low temperature too. And I think I've got a pretty hot show for you this month. I'll play music from Donna Maya Hekla, Yoko Ohnishi Myles Brown, and my special guest, Charlotte Dubois, who will share highlights from her brand new self produced album Gamme de Couleur. Hopefully I pronounced that close enough. Let's start off the first set of Music in this episode with the track that I can pronounce. This is called what the eye doesn't see it's by Berlin based recording artists Donna Maya. After that I'll spin a short but sinister track from the upcoming new heckler album. And I'll tell you more about both of those recordings on the other side.


Rick Reid  07:52

We started the show with Donna Maya and a track called what the eye doesn't see. It's part of an 85 song compilation album called Save Ukraine. You can download it from Bandcamp for a donation of four euros or more, and the proceeds go to the Red Cross to support their humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. There's a link to the album in this month's show notes at Theremin thirty.com. And after that, I played a rather chilling soundscape by Hekla called N O AF dish, which translates to English as yet again. It's part of a new album of doom and gloom soundscapes by Hekla set for release in September called Xiuxiuejar which is a Catalan word meaning whisper check out the appropriately creepy video for that track on the Theremin 30 YouTube playlist. After this break, I'll take a look at the Theremin 30 calendar and I have new music from Yoko Onishi so stay tuned


Rick Reid  09:00

It's time now for a look at the Theremin 30 calendar of Theremin events. Marla Goodman continues her Theremin Thursday's performances in Bozeman, Montana through the end of July on her front porch. Stephen Ham has a couple of shows this weekend in the Vancouver BC area. The divine hand ensemble has a full slate of performances over the next several weeks to promote their new Aria 51 album. Saturday July 23rd would have been Dr. Samuel Hoffman's 99th birthday. Karolina Ike is the featured soloist at the BBC Proms concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on August 4. For more details about these events and more, check out the interactive calendar on Theremin thirty.com. And if you have an event you'd like me to put on the calendar, send me all the details through the website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Also on the calendar Yoko Onishi hosts her monthly RCA Theremin evening on Saturday. July 23, from her home in Japan, because of the timezone differences it actually plays late Friday night here in the Western Hemisphere, but you can catch a replay anytime after the live show airs on YouTube. This month she will be demoing the Claravox Centennial Theremin's patch editing software. Yoko Onishi has been working on a follow-up to her All Theremin album she released in 2017. Here's a preview single from all Theremin to it's called Ombra mai fuo also known as the Largo from Xerxes by George Frederick Handel?


Rick Reid  13:53

That was Ombra mai fu or the Largo from Xerxes performed on the RCA Theremin and the Moog ether wave pro by Yoko Onishi. It's from her upcoming album All Theremin to there's more to come on that Theremin 30 podcast. Later in the show. I'll play a track off a cool Miles Brown album from a couple of years ago and up next I visit with French recording artist Charlotte DuBois. She has a colorful new album out now and she will tell us all about it so stick around.


Rick Reid  14:53

Charlotte Dubois is a wonderful thereminist MP and is based in Lila France.


Rick Reid  15:03

Last month she self released a lovely album on Bandcamp called Gam declare, or something close to that. I asked her to be on the show and there was a bit of a language barrier as you might suspect, so we couldn't record a live interview. Instead, I sent her a list of questions in English. She translated them then translated her written answers to English so she could read them aloud. What you're about to hear will be my questions and her answers, and it did together. Charlotte Dubois, thank you so much for joining me on Theremin 30.


Charlotte Dubois  15:39

Hello. Thank you for inviting me to participate at your podcast sermon. So it's always a pleasure to speak about ceremony.


Rick Reid  15:52

 asked you to be on the show this month because you have a new album out called gamma coolair. According to Google translate in English, that would be range of colors, and each track is named after a different color. Before we talk about that, tell me your story about how you became familiar with the Theremin.


Charlotte Dubois  16:11

I remember my father watching loads of fantastic and science fiction movies. And I love that the sound of Theremin often using these movies fascinated me


Charlotte Dubois  16:36

I always wanted one, but I never did to start. That's three and a half years ago, my fabulous companion decided to offer me one at a rave.


Rick Reid  16:50

What other instruments do you play? Do you have formal musical training?


Charlotte Dubois  16:54

I did 11 years of classical piano it was a rigorous formation. I had to pass two exams by here to validate my skills. I knew how to play Chopin, Brahms, but I was unable to compose myself. Classical way it's fantastic, but it doesn't open to creativity. When theobromine came in my life, it sounds totally my relationship to music.


Rick Reid  17:52

Your new album is called Gam dequeue there. What does that title mean to you? And how does it represent the music on the album?


Charlotte Dubois  18:01

The album gamba Kula, I have chosen to explore the emotions that emerged from the koulos its track is inspired by my personality story of universal feelings everyone is free to appropriate himself see emotion with his own experience


Rick Reid  18:41

what was your writing and recording process for example, did you compose on the piano first and arrange your composition to include the Theremin


Charlotte Dubois  18:51

It depends. Sometimes I have melodies that comes to me and I do first the piano composition and then second time I will add the layers of Theremin.


Charlotte Dubois  19:13

Sometimes it's totally the opposite, as I do lot of improvisation with Theremin one melody a match of that, and I record it first. For example. That's what happened for the bush song


Rick Reid  19:40

did you create the album at home or in a professional recording studio?


Charlotte Dubois  19:44

I do all the Recode and mix myself with my stuff and other


Rick Reid  19:49

than which Theremin models are featured on this album.


Charlotte Dubois  19:53

The two ceremonies that are used most of the time are theater with produce and the Clara book I really like theater rev it offers a lot of possibilities especially since jelly Frankel optimized it adding the recipe is our module it's really great but I love the Claravox too


Charlotte Dubois  20:19

me not the traditional mode but mme mode it's really magical because we can so much personalize the presets that the player can create is our musical senior to


Charlotte Dubois  20:57

as I got to happen to remain and that ceremony late in my creation process this to theremin I'll only answer song SEC law


Charlotte Dubois  21:27

by the way, this song was really fun to create because I enjoyed to add all of my therapy. There is even a little participation of material.


Rick Reid  21:38

Is there a song on the new album that was your favorite to compose and record?


Charlotte Dubois  21:43

it's very difficult to choose just one song because this change depending of my emotion, but I took lots of pleasure to compose lounge really, because I usually use lubra with my Theremin this time I reversed the rule


Charlotte Dubois  22:14

in French, the expression whether or not you lay means that we took a smash on the head. I would like to illustrate this moment in life where we accumulate subproblems and we fill in an infinite vortex. We are stunned, but we know that always will be alright.


Rick Reid  22:40

So how can people listen to your new album and purchase copies of it?


Charlotte Dubois  22:43

You can find my new album on Bandcamp profile Charlotte DuBois.


Charlotte Dubois  22:59

It costs seven euros 1000s They're gonna smile bomb. I prepare a bonus track to say thank you for all the sports is naming is it Ansel? is orange color.


Rick Reid  23:14

Do you plan to have any live concerts or streaming performances in the near future?


Charlotte Dubois  23:18

Actually, I do initiation of the remaining music school. I have a lovely project of concert in a beautiful place. But I can say more for the moment. If you want you can follow me on instagram i post often my improvisation of theremin and my actuality. My profile on Instagram is shallow. Abigail DuBois.


Rick Reid  23:44

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful music and taking the time to visit with me.


Charlotte Dubois  23:49

 Oh, thank you a lot for the invitation. Rick, it's a real opportunity to speak about my new album. I put lots of love on it. And I am very excited to share it with you next year to a vivid Theremin.


Rick Reid  24:07

The new album by Charlotte Dubois is available now on Bandcamp and I have a link in this episode's show notes at Theremin thirty.com Now let's finish the episode with a recording from Myles Browns 2020 album The Gateway. It came out during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown so it's only been this month that he's been able to perform music from the album live on stage. You'll next be performing at the Color Club in Melbourne on August 5. From the gateway album here is Myles brown with a track called peak body


Rick Reid  27:25

With the time remaining I want to thank Donna Maya Hekla Magnus daughter Yoko Ohnishi and Miles Brown for sharing their music. And a special thanks to Charlotte Dubois for being my guest this month and sharing her new album with us. Also a big thank you and Virtual hugs go to the listeners who support this show with small one time and monthly donations. I really appreciate your help. If you'd like to help out there is information on the website, Theremin thirty.com. There's also a merchandise store where you can pick up T shirts and bumper stickers and other fun things. So check that out. Until next time, I'm your host, Rick Reid. I'll see you again somewhere in the ether.


David Brower  29:50

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