Would you like to be an interview guest on the Theremin 30 podcast? 

Rick Reid is always looking for interesting people and theremin-related topics to discuss.  Send him a note through the message form on this website or the Facebook page. Tell Rick about yourself and the topic or event you would like to speak about.  Here are some ideas:

1- a concert you will be organizing or performing in
2- a workshop or class you are teaching
3- an instrument you make and sell
4- a festival you are organizing

Because the episodes are released monthly, it is best to either talk about an event occuring a couple of months into the future, or about a topic that doesn't really have an obvious expiration date. There is only enough space for about 12 interviews per year. So, unfortunately, not everyone who volunteers to be interviewed will get the opportunity. If Rick cannot interview you, he may still be able to mention the information you provide in the Calendar of Events section of the podcast.

Typically, the total time available for interviews in any one episode will be around 7-10 minutes.  So, your interview will be recorded in advance, then edited down to the most essential and interesting parts.  Rick may rearrange the order of the conversation so the discussion will flow in the most efficient way possible in the time available. Rick has conducted network TV interviews with hundreds of celebrities and always presents his guests in the best possible light.

In most cases, Rick will conduct the interview through an Internet chat room, a telephone call, or Skype. Rick only speak English. If you do not speak English, you may still participate if you can provide a translator to be present during the interview.

There is no cost to you to appear as a guest on the show. You do not have to be a paying sponsor or advertiser.