The Theremin 30 calendar has links to concerts, conventions, workshops, club meetings, and important dates in theremin history.

There are lots of useful functions built into the menus, including translating the calendar navigational and label text to your preferred language. Click on the buttons and arrows to discover all you can do with the menus.

In most browsers, the calendar will automatically shift to your local time zone. A menu item under the blue button in the upper right will let you change time zones manually.

If you would like to submit an event for the calendar, please send us a note using the contact form that appears on the lower right corner of every page on this website. PRO TIP: There's an easy shortcut to this calendar. Bookmark or memorize Cool!

Keep in mind that some scheduled events may be postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Always check with the host of the event for the most accurate information.