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 You can listen to the Theremin 30 podcast for free, of course. But it isn't free to produce. There are monthly and annual fees for URL registration and software licenses, and for the purchase of legal downloads of some of the music featured in the show.

Rick Reid, the host and producer of Theremin 30, spends countless hours reaching out to theremin recording artists, booking interview guests, and writing, recording, and editing each new episode. He also maintains the website, updates the calendar of events, and manages the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages. And the professional recording equipment Rick uses doesn't come cheap. He has invested nearly a thousand dollars in digital recording equipment and microphones specifically for this podcast. During its first two years, Theremin 30 only generated enough income from advertising to cover a small fraction of the expenses involved. So, basically, this show has been a time-consuming and money-losing project. 

Rick's short-term goal is to break even. His long-term goal is to make Theremin 30 a thriving micro-business that will at least financially justify the long hours Rick devotes to keeping the show going. If the show ever becomes profitable, Rick intends to come up with a way to share some of the revenue with the recording artists who allow him to play their music.

Here are some ways you can support Theremin 30 and help keep it going:

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