August 2020 - Agnes Paz and Paulo Pascual

The August 2020 episode of the Theremin 30 podcast features music from Chile, Spain, and England. Rick Reid's interview guests are Agnes Paz and Paulo Pascual, co-hosts of the Facebook Live video series Electromagnetic Interviews from Planet Theremin.

"Air Glow" - Modulador de Ondes (Vigo, Spain)

"Second State" - Agnes Paz (Santiago, Chile)
"They Spoke of Comets" - Chris Conway (Leceister, England)

*The full-length recordings featured in this show were used with the knowledge and permission of the artists and composers. Please support the artists by visiting their websites, purchasing their recordings, and attending their performances.

"Opera Glasses" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA) and Ron Allen (Seattle, WA, USA)

"Time Shadows" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)
"No Static at All" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)

Agnes Paz and Paulo Pascual host Electromagnetic Interviews from Planet Theremin every Thursday through September on these Facebook pages:

Visit the Theremin 30 Calendar of Theremin Events for links and details of events mentioned in this episode.




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David Brower  0:04  
This is Theremin 30, 30 minutes of ceremonies, news events and interviews with a new episode about every 30 days. Now here's your host from Denver, Colorado, USA, Rick Reid.

Rick Reid  0:19  
Hey there, welcome to the 17th episode of Theremin 30. Quite possibly the world's only monthly podcast for Theremin music lovers everywhere. This month I've got a new track from Chris Conway and my interview guests are Agnes paws director of the electromagnetic festival in Chile, and Paolo pesc. Wall owner of planet Theremin studio in Spain. They have a great new Facebook Live program made especially for Spanish speaking Theremin enthusiasts, and they'll tell us all about it. Let's start the show with music from both Agnes and Paolo. First up is a track from Paulo Pascal's trio project. My doula door de owned us this is called airglow

Unknown Speaker  5:25  
fluidly remain

Unknown Speaker  5:28  

Agnes Paz  5:31  
simply listen use externals at all.

Agnes Paz  5:39  
The focus is ours is on EOS externos EDM disperses. The water is now liquid, it flows freely

Unknown Speaker  5:57  
fill the water around.

Agnes Paz  6:00  
Field external sounds around lead to some external sounds and waters guide your steps

Rick Reid  10:00  
We started the show with air glow from the 2018 album release planet a Theremin by my doula door de owned us, featuring Paolo Pasquale on Theremin you can get a free download of the entire album on Bandcamp I've put a link to it in this month's show notes at Theremin Next we heard an excerpt from second state by Agnes paws. It's part of the soundtrack to an experiential sound art project called triple point that Agnes created for the acts of air online exhibition that premiered last month. You can experience her art piece anywhere in the world by streaming her music and instructions while taking a 100 minute walk that starts at a source of water. I've included a link to the project in this month's show notes. I'll be visiting with Paolo and Agnes later in the show. But first I've got some new music from Chris Conway, so stay tuned.

Rick Reid  11:05  
Now it's time to take a look at the Theremin 30 calendar of Theremin events. Robert Meyer will be performing on the beach and Xena Wits Germany on Wednesday, August 19. And on August 27. Susana v Leon ma will provide live musical accompaniment to an outdoor dance film screening at the park Keno festival in Finland and Lydia cabina continues her weekly online Theremin workshops every Sunday. You can check out the calendar anytime by going to calendar dot Theremin And if you have an event you'd like added to the calendar send me a note with all the details. Now let's listen to an improvised multitrack performance from the multi talented multi instrumentalist Chris Conway from Leicester, England. This is called they spoke of comets

Rick Reid  19:17  
You just heard they spoke of comments from Chris Conway. A small portion of that track is layered into Chris's wonderful new album Tokyo trip, Chris traveled from England to Japan to see a pop music concert. right around the time that pandemic shutdown was getting underway earlier this year. He collected several field recordings throughout the trip. He took them home and blended them with some new ambient music compositions. I think the result is really cool. You can listen to Tokyo trip and buy a CD or download from his website. Just click on Chris's name and this month show notes. After the break Agnes paws and Paolo pesco will tell us all about their new Theremin interview series streaming on Facebook. So stick around

Rick Reid  20:23  
Agnes paws in Santiago, Chile, and Paolo Pasquale in Vigo, Spain have teamed up for a new live streaming video program for Spanish speaking Theremin enthusiasts. I visited with Agnes and Paolo recently, and since I only know a poketo amount of Spanish and Paolo knows about that much English, I had Agnes also serve as translator for us, Agnes and Paolo. Welcome to Theremin 30 I'm so glad you took the time to speak with me

Agnes Paz  20:50  
today. Hello, thank you very much for the invitation. First of all,

Rick Reid  20:57  
I'd like to have you introduce yourselves to our listeners, starting with you Agnes, can you tell me a little bit about your background with the theorem and then what you're doing now in Chile,

Agnes Paz  21:06  
I say it's about myself. I am a sound Explorer, and thereminist I am now full time dedicated to play and to make some concerts and workshops for people who want to learn about Theremin and also I'm work as a cultural manager and I am the director of the festival electromagnetic this international Theremin festivals that we're making here since 2013. And we already made four versions and this year we supposed to do the festival number five but of course by obviously reasons it's has to be suspended

Rick Reid  21:55  
Paulo Tell me about your background and experience with the Theremin I know you're in several different groups my doula door day on this also film a company event project I believe it's called 16 millimeter see

Agnes Paz  22:07  
in practice in a story that's separate or different is

Agnes Paz  22:12  
involved in very different projects in many different projects. But for now he's more playing by here sample like a solo repertoire planeta.

Agnes Paz  22:25  
Theremin is local. by contemporary Okay,

Agnes Paz  22:31  
lanita Theremin is a place Pablo has in Vigo in Spain, where he teach lessons to people who are interested in Thurman. And also it's his studio where here we here so and where he has enough space to make their headset with the video productions and also he made some meetings and like small geeks with other feminists there and but for now because the quarantines everything is going online. Tell me about your new project which

Rick Reid  23:13  
is called anthro VISTAs electromagnetic

Agnes Paz  23:17  
intervista electromagnetic is the is the planet that Theremin is a very long name in English. And in Spanish to his electromagnetic interview from planet Theremin is like making mix with boats project that we have that is something that we create sinking in the part about the circumstances we experienced now with the lockdown that people cannot go to concerts and to geeks and to see music also because is 100 years of creation of Theremin. So we already see some projects on the internet. What started Dorit Chrysler past year with the compilation and some other project like from Theremin times that they made interview and thinking more on the people who speak Spanish we create this alternative and also in a way to show what happened with the thirimanne in South American Spain because we have many musicians who are dedicated to Theremin and who have very interesting projects and they don't vary know from one country to another. So that is why we start to make this transmissions which we're making every Thursday at 3pm in Santiago by you can see us on Facebook Live lanessa Theremin also on Facebook of festival electromagnetic Have

Rick Reid  24:54  
you done three episodes so far?

Agnes Paz  24:56  
Yes. The first one was with Manuel shallot. So very talented thereminist from Argentina. The second one was with Julia Tillis from Brazil. And yesterday, we have Romina telone from Chile. And for like our fears plan is nine episodes from July 13 to the last one will be on September 24.

Rick Reid  25:23  
What's been the most pleasant experience or the pleasant surprise so far in hosting your video interviews

Paulo Pascual  25:29  
with me, but I mean, if kotera there

Agnes Paz  25:34  
was some other thereminist and other music made by Theremin and have the possibility to know more about the thereminist and also that you can speak and share knowledge and experiences, even like the music's approach are very different from one terminates to another.

Rick Reid  25:58  
How about the technical challenges? Agnes? What are some difficulties you had to overcome that might help other people who want to do streaming video interviews like yours?

Unknown Speaker  26:07  

Agnes Paz  26:07  
you need to very good video cards on your computer. And good connection to internet because actually, it's not so hard, you have good programs where you sync OBS to make the transmissions so we connect by jitsi for the part where we talk and what we decided to do to have more stability for the musical person part is record this means the concerts previously because sometimes you have to delay a little bit delay on Facebook or something. So to avoid that we prefer to record previously

Rick Reid  26:51  
Do you invite your viewers and listeners to donate to you to help cover the cost and help support you as you spend your quarantine time your pandemic time doing this work to host the show?

Agnes Paz  27:07  
Oh yes, we do. Actually we create a page on coffee slash agonists pass also like the idea to the program to make some money to share with all the musicians who we invite on to our program and actually also for us like musician or on organisers and that's donations is not only donations because we will make a price contest with all the people who will donate and we have CDs and some beans and postcards and posters from the festival electromagnetic

Rick Reid  27:47  
Tell me again how people can listen to your program intravenous does electromagnetic something something

Agnes Paz  28:00  
electromagnetic as there's the planeta Theremin you can follow us by Facebook, you can follow planet Theremin and also festival electromagnetic on Facebook. And you can see every Thursday or program there by Facebook Live and also we leave their videos of our previous program but always is better to see the programs on Thursday because sometimes Facebook have copyright issues that after the transcriptions she needs part of our videos

Rick Reid  28:38  
watch it live in vivo

Agnes Paz  28:41  
in vivo my couldn't be more

Agnes Paz  28:44  
thank you very much grace yes

Rick Reid  28:46  
for the tmo you know almost every word in Spanish that I know now.

Agnes Paz  28:57  
Thank you very much to you. And congratulation because your podcasts because it's very interesting. I really like

Agnes Paz  29:06  
thank you grace

Rick Reid  29:07  
yes and point sts

Agnes Paz  29:10  
when I started

Rick Reid  29:14  
if you'd like to catch a live episode of electromagnetic interviews from planet Theremin, just follow the Facebook links in this month's show notes. And that is all the time we have for this August edition of the Theremin 30 podcast. A big thank you goes to Chris Conway, Agnes paws and Paolo patzcuaro for sharing their music and for Agnes and Paolo for being part of my first attempt at a three continent to language interview. Until next time, I'm your host Rick Reid, remember to wear a mask in public and to try to keep other people out of your control zone.

David Brower  29:50  
You've been listening to the Theremin 30 podcast visit Theremin 30 on the web at Theremin three