The Theremin 30 podcast will feature about 4 to 6 songs per episode, for a total of roughly 70 songs per year. If you would like your theremin-related song played in a future episode, here's all you need to know.


You must be the legal owner of both your recording and the musical composition, unless the composition is in the Public Domain or licensed under Creative Commons.  To the best of my knowledge, under current USA copyright laws, musical compositions written and published at least 95 years ago are in the Public Domain. In other words -- please don't submit "covers" of recent popular music.  Copyright laws may be different in your country, but I need to comply to USA laws, to be safe.

There is no legal way that I know of for me to report usage and pay license fees to organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC that collect songwriters' royalties.  They don't have policies in place for music recordings used in podcasts.  So, your music must be "podsafe," which basically means that you, the copyright holder, are willing and able to give me permission to use your song in my podcast.

If you are an "unsigned" or "indie" recording artist, I can probably use your music with your permission.  If you have a contract with a record label or publisher, please check with them to make sure it is okay. If you compose and record music as an amateur, without any such contracts, then I should only need your written permission.

If you submit a recording to me, please include a written statement in your email that says something like:  I, (your name), am the copyright holder of the recording titled (song name) by (artist name). I am also a copyright holder of the musical composition (or it is in the Public Domain or licensed under Creative Commons). I give Rick Reid permission to use my song recording in the Theremin 30 podcast series.


I am offering to pay a small usage fee in lieu of a royalty for every song I play in the podcast.  Currently, I am offering $1 USD per song used.  I am also willing to purchase a legal download of your song if necessary. If the podcast generates any significant advertising revenue, I will likely increase the amount of future payments a little bit. I figure that $1 USD is probably more than you would receive from royalties organizations.  Some of the artists have already declined payment or suggested that I donate it to a worthwhile charity. I am happy to pay you this small token of my appreciation. I will usually pay via Paypal during the week that the episode premieres.

In the podcast, I intentionally play logo bumpers between songs and I will often speak over the very beginning or ending of songs. This is to encourage listeners to contact you to purchase a "clean" recording of your song. My hope is that the podcast will bring you new listeners who will financially support your creative work.


Any style of music is welcome, as long as a theremin was used to create it as either an audible musical instrument or as a CV or MIDI controller.

Shorter songs will get priority.  Lengths of 2 to 5 minutes, will allow me to feature more songs and artists per episode. If you submit a particularly long song, I may have to fade it out before it finishes.

No songs containing lyrics that I consider to be offensive, illegal, hateful, etc. will be used.


You may submit more than one song recording, but I will do my best to feature as many artists as possible.  This means that I very likely will only use 1 of your songs over the course of a whole year of episodes.  If I ever happen to run out of songs to play without repeating an artist, then I may possibly use another of your songs.


Basically, there aren't any technical requirements.  If your recording sounds good, I will try my best to use it.  I can work with almost any audio file format.  You do not need to send me a CD. If you send me a large .wav file, you may need to use Dropbox or a similar service for sending large files. Due to the 30-minute length of each episode, I upload them in 320kbps .mp3 file format.

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