Theremin 30 is the only regularly scheduled, English-language podcast focused exclusively on theremin music, theremin players, fans, and instruments. Do you have a theremin-related event, product, or service you would like to promote by advertising either in the Theremin 30 podcast or on the website?  If so, please contact Rick Reid through the message form on the website or on the Facebook page.

Audience Information

The Theremin 30 podcast has a relatively small, but dedicated following. The website averages 1210 page views per month. Podcast episodes are played an average of 135 times per month. The Theremin 30 page on Facebook has 650 likes and 669 followers. The overall audience size appears to be on a gradual, upward trend as more and more theremin enthusiasts learn about the podcast, the website, the Facebook page, and the YouTube playlist.

Since its premiere in April 2019, the podcast has had listeners in 68 countries. About 52% are in the USA, followed by Japan (7%), the United Kingdom (6%), Canada (5%), Netherlands (2%), and Germany (2%.)

Opportunities and Rates (all rates effective through December 31, 2020)

Website banner ads  (approximately $15.25 CPM)

The website has two banner ads on each page, one at the top of the first post and one near the bottom of the last post. These banners rotate at random among current sponsors. Each sponsor will also get a link on a text list of sponsors in the right sidebar. 

You can place your ad in the top banner position based on the percentage of total exposures:

10% = $1.75 USD per month

20% = $3.50 USD per month
30% = $5.25 USD per month
40% = $7.00 USD per month
50% = $8.75 USD per month
60% = $10.50 USD per month

70% = $12.25 USD per month
80% = $14.00 USD per month
90% = $15.75 USD per month
100% = $17.50 USD per month

For the top banner position, the maximum available percentage of all advertisers combined is 100%.

Ads are served using a random frequency algorithm. The exposure percentages are based on an average probability of the randomized outcomes. Actual exposures may vary slightly from the average.

Please note, due to the limits of the technology involved, Rick can't provide an exact report of when and how often your banner has appeared, but he can provide a rough estimate of the total times it was served in a given month.  

Not available. Reserved for permanent sponsors, PSAs, and affiliate programs. When space is available, we provide free banner ads to relevant non-profit organizations. Contact Rick Reid for details.

Podcast audio sponsor billboards (approximately $15 CPM)

The Theremin 30 podcast can host an audio sponsor billboard that appears at the beginning and ending of every show.  The announcement will say something like "The Theremin 30 Podcast is brought to you in part by: Acme Synthesizer Store, The Theremin Factory, and Antennas R Us. Visit for web links to these generous companies that help make this podcast possible."  Each sponsor will get a link on a text list of sponsors in the right sidebar. A maximum of 5 billboard sponsorships are available at any one time. 

$2 USD per month per sponsor 

Podcast  audio commercials  (approximately $30 CPM)

You can have a produced commercial play during the Theremin 30 podcast. A maximum of of 3 commercials are available per episode. Your commercial will play during a mid-roll break in all available episodes, including episodes from previous months. Each sponsor will also get a link on the website in a text list of sponsors in the right sidebar. 

30-seconds = $4 USD per month

You are welcome to write and produce the commercial yourself, or Rick can help you. Because the podcast is in English and more than half of the listenership is in the USA, it is highly recommended that the commercial be recorded in English only, or with a combination of both English and another language. 

Please note: 

Normally, ads can be scheduled to begin on the first day of a calendar month and end on the last day of a calendar month.  Flight dates are based on the Mountain time zone. Ad placement is performed manually at a convenient time, so most ads will get an additional partial day of exposure either before or after the scheduled dates at no additional cost.

Ad schedules of less than one month are available, but are charged at the same rate as a full month.

The total number of exposures your ad receives is not guaranteed. All percentages are approximate. All advertising is sold on a space-available basis. Payment is due in advance, before an ad will be placed. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we deem to be too far off-topic or otherwise inappropriate for our show content or our audience. No refunds will be given for ad campaigns that aired as scheduled.