December 2019 - Dorit Chrysler

The December 2019 episode of the Theremin 30 podcast features music from Colombia, Canada, USA, and Germany. Rick Reid's interview guest is Dorit Chrysler of the New York Theremin Society. 


"Las Calaveras" - AmaNRouge featuring Etheremick (Bogotá, Colombia)
"Time To Talk Time" - Dr G (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
"We Don't Want It" - Darth Presley (New Bedford, MA, USA)
"#1" - Gramss/Krennerich/Levine (Hamburg, Germany)


"Under the Milky Way" - Tears of Sirens (Bari, Italy)
"Etherwave Blues" - Ian Bickerstaff (UK)
"I'm Your Satellite" - Hyperbubble (San Antonio, TX, USA)
"Sputnik Crash" (short version) - Therminal C (Lausanne, Switzerland)
"Opera Glasses" - Phlogiston Theory and Ron Allen (Denver, CO and Seattle, WA, USA)
"Time Shadows" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)
"No Static at All" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)


Dorit Chrysler of the New York Theremin Society, producer of the Theremin 100 compilation album.


Theremin 100: Electronic Music Written For Theremin


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David Brower  0:04  
This is Theremin 3030 minutes of Theremin music news events and interviews with a new episode about every 30 days. Now here's your host from Denver, Colorado, USA, Rick Reid.

Rick Reid  0:19  
Hello and welcome to the only regularly scheduled podcast devoted to Theremin music. This is the ninth and final episode for 2019. I want to thank all of you who have been listening since the beginning last April. And to those who have tuned in for the first time, I encourage you to go back and listen to all of the previous episodes. You'll find lots of interesting music and interviews that I'm sure you'll enjoy. This month's lineup includes music from Columbia, Canada, the USA and Germany. And my special guest is Dorit Chrysler from the New York Theremin society. She has details for us on the new Theremin 100 compilation album. Let's get started with music from Amman rouge from Bogota, Colombia. I'm on rouge features Amanda lucea Rodriguez on vocals and piano with at keramik on Theremin this track last Coronavirus or the skulls is inspired by a children's folk song of the same name

Rick Reid  8:59  
You just heard time to talk time by Nova Scotia Canada based recording artist and science educator, Greg Dr. g. Melton. It's from the album Dr. g goes to space. Greg tells me the song was inspired by Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History of time. Before that I played last Calaveras new song by Amman rouge that will be featured on their forthcoming album, The crow in the hat. Look for it early next year. You can learn more about these artists by clicking their names in the show notes for this episode at Theremin It's Time now for a look at the Theremin 30 calendar of Theremin events with concerts you can see over the next few weeks. On Thursday, December 5 Temple of ape collective featuring thereminist alien Adler will be filming a live performance in Austin, Texas. On December 7 Karolina Ike will play the first of four shows in China. Robert Myers electric Bach project will be performing in Germany on December 13. Spanish trio my doula door down desk says A couple of performances scheduled for December 21. And the CIO marching band rings in the new year here in Denver, Colorado, with their annual Saturnalia concert on December 31. For details on these shows and more, go to Theremin and click the link to the calendar.

Up next I've got a sort of a spacey loungy experimental slow rock jam from a man called Darth Presley. It features James Bond on Theremin and some other instruments. Here is we don't want it

After the break I'll visit with Dorit Chrysler from the New York Theremin society about the soon to be released Theremin 100 compilation album. We'll also hear a preview of some of the tracks included. And we've got improvisational music from Andrew Levine so stay tuned.

just over a year ago, some Theremin Hassan Facebook started a grassroots effort to create a new Theremin compilation album to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Theremin. Now that project is about to come to fruition with the help of Dorit Chrysler and the New York Theremin society. I recently spoke with Dora about this really cool project tore it. Thank you for being on Theremin 30. I'm really excited for this new album that you've been working on.

Dorit Chrysler  16:30  
Well, thanks for having me. great pleasure to be here.

Rick Reid  16:33  
This project, if I recall correctly started more than a year ago. I think maybe Robert Meyer, got it going?

Dorit Chrysler  16:39  
You absolutely correct. So Robert Maya online posted publicly for the centennial of the chairman, which we're all excited about, to maybe collect a bunch of tracks online. When I saw that, I thought it's a great idea. But it would be even better if we would take this further. So the New York fairman society decided to make its first release not only as a digital, but also in CD form, and vinyl. So it can really be a lasting product that people can hold in their hands. There was an official call of feminists who wanted to participate, and there was an overwhelming response. And then it came down to the very difficult task of making a selection and lovingly putting it together in a form that really for me, it was important to demonstrate the versatility of the instrument that Theremin has to offer in terms of style and innovative application of the instrument. And of course, also mastering of technique. We had wonderful contributions.

Rick Reid  17:58  
I noticed also there's a variety of instruments involve several different models and custom made instruments, all kinds of things.

Dorit Chrysler  18:05  
It is interesting to see how varied instruments are and there are a few tracks that have actually also been created using exclusively nothing but different Theremin models, as for instance, a band from Texas called hyper bubble, which you know, those are really interesting tracks to listen to.

Rick Reid  18:25  
I should mention that there's a CD and an LP, plus a bunch of bonus tracks that there just wasn't enough room to feature everybody.

Dorit Chrysler 18:31  
Yes, I mean, I really was reminded again of the limitation of vinyl and CD, we could only fit 21 tracks on the CD and 12 tracks on the vinyl altogether. It is 51 tracks spanning 18 countries and 51 different players

Rick Reid  18:51  
and you have really wonderful album artwork. Tell me about how that came together.

Dorit Chrysler 18:56  
I'm really glad you like it. It was I mean the whole project is a true labor of love and passion for the firemen and I tapped into all the friends whose artistry I greatly respect and as for the visuals, it was a dear friend of mine, Larry seven who actually introduced me to the Theremin. So he has been really instrumental to my artistic development. He also is a wonderful photographer. So he had the idea of this elaborate project of finding a huge piece of foam cutting it in the shape of one of the original Thurman's smearing chocolate icing on top of it and turn it into a beautiful Theremin birthday cake where the antennas a burning candle. And then on the backside The cake is cut open and all kinds of old circuitry is stuck inside. So yeah, the art came out really, really nice and because of that we splurged on how a poster of that birthday cake in the limited vinyl edition. So the vinyl comes with a beautiful foreword by Albert klinsky that he generously contributed as well as the poster of the artwork. And the download card in the vinyl edition will feature all the CD tracks plus the bonus tracks. So actually purchasing the CD or vinyl you get the same amount of additional digital downloads.

Rick Reid  20:29  
Let's listen to some of the music. Here's a little montage I put together with for 22nd segments of some of the artists featured.

Rick Reid  21:58  
The first track was from under the Milky Way a song by tears of sirens. Then we heard either way blues from Ian Bickerstaff. I'm your satellite by hyper bubble, and we ramped up with Sputnik crash by terminal See, that's the music project of Coralie, a injure from Switzerland.

Dorit Chrysler  22:17  
I was so in awe of what wonderful contributions from all over the world reached us. And I just really want to thank to all these talented players literally all over the world that played a Theremin. And we're excited and generous enough to be willing to partake in this release, we did want to give a little historic span by including a Robert schillinger composition that's played by Torvalds. Johansson, a wonderful player whose work we all know when that work was being to me left paren and himself performed the part on the Theremin, which is a nice little caper. And then I also wanted to include a composition by herb Deutsch, who was instrumental in the development of the synthesizer and has been composing since the 70s. And he wrote beautiful pieces for Theremin that are also not very well known, so it was important to include him. And then everything else really lands in the presence of contemporary musicians using the Academy.

Rick Reid  23:23  
When will the album be available to purchase and where can people find it?

Dorit Chrysler 23:27  
We will start pre orders hopefully by the middle of December before the holidays and then the physical units should be in and ready to ship by the beginning of the new year and will be available for purchase at the New York Herrmann website as well as on Bandcamp

Rick Reid  23:50  
for the benefit of Theremin 30 listeners, the New York Theremin society has actually moved up the preorder date, so you can reserve your copy of Theremin 100 right now, you can either go to their website or follow the link in the show notes for this episode at Theremin

In January, Hamburg, Germany based thereminist Andrew Levine will be on a mini tour of the eastern US with planned stops in Georgia, Florida and New York to finish this month's podcast. Here's a live improvisational recording featuring Andrew Levine on Theremin along with Sebastian grams on double bass and Andreas Kinneret Sean saxophone from the album, European electro acoustic chamber music here is track number one

Rick Reid  29:03  
this is a 30 minute show and time is about to run out. So I want to thank Ahmad ruse Dr. g Darth Elvis and Graham's printer rich and Levine for allowing me to play their music. Also a big thanks to dork Chrysler for being my interview guest and for all the work she's put into producing the new Theremin 100 compilation album. Coming up in the January 2020 episode, my guest will be Gordon Charlton who records under the artists name beat frequency, he'll be sharing with us some of his innovative tips and tricks for creating experimental ambient music with the Theremin. If you have music you'd like me to play in the January show, please contact me through the Theremin 30 website or the Facebook page. Until next time, I'm your host Rick Reid. Thank you for tuning in.

David Brower  29:51  
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