October 2020 - Thorwald Jørgensen

The October 2020 episode of the Theremin 30 Podcast features music from Italy, USA, and the UK. Rick's interview guest is classical thereminist Thorwald Jørgensen, who previews his forthcoming album "Air Électrique: Original Music for Theremin and Piano."

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"Vanishing Point" - Timeless Sonic Factory (Rome, Italy)

"Afterlife Aria" - Divine Hand Ensemble (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

"One of Their Agents" - Simon Beck (London, England, UK)

"Halloween XVI" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)


"Opera Glasses" - Phlogiston Theory and Ron Allen (Denver, CO / Seattle, WA, USA)

"Time Shadows" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)

"No Static at All" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)

Excerpts from the album "Air Électrique" - Thorwald Jørgensen and Kamilla Bystrova


Thorwald Jørgensen previews his new album with pianist Kamilla Bystrova, "Air Électrique: Original Music for Theremin and Piano."


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Producer/Writer/Host: Rick Reid

Opening and closing announcer: David Brower 

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