April 2020 - Lydia Kavina

The April 2020 episode of the Theremin 30 podcast features music from the USA, Canada, Romania, and the UK. Rick Reid's interview guest is professional thereminist and theremin teacher Lydia Kavina. 


"Keep Washing With Soap" - The Inactivists (Denver, CO, USA)
"The Inner Net" - Mad Dog Friedman (Denver, CO, USA)
"Electromagnetism" - Dr G (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
"Waves of the Danube" - Benedict Popescu ( Calinesti, Arges, Romania)
"Fata Morgana" - Lydia Kavina (Oxford, England, UK) and Sviatoslov Belonogov (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain)

*The full-length recordings featured in this show were used with the knowledge and permission of the artists and composers. Please support the artists by visiting their websites, purchasing their recordings, and attending their performances.


"Opera Glasses" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA) and Ron Allen (Seattle, WA, USA)
"Time Shadows" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)
"No Static at All" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)


Lydia Kavina, who is teaching online theremin workshops during the COVID-19 quarantine/lock down period.  To register for a workshop, contact her by email: info@lydiakavina.com.


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David Brower  0:04  
This is Theremin 30, 30 minutes of Theremin music news events and interviews with a new episode about every 30 days. Now here's your host from Denver, Colorado, USA, Rick Reid.

Rick Reid  0:20  
Hey, welcome to a sort of special edition of Theremin 30. It's the first anniversary of the show the lucky 13th episode. And the first episode since most of the world has been under social distancing restrictions in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic. So my thanks to all of you who have been listening since the beginning, and to those of you that are newer listeners, I highly recommend you use some of your newly abundant free time at home to listen to all of the previous episodes you've missed. This month I've got music from artists in the USA, Canada, the UK and Romania. And my interview guest is world renowned professional thereminist and Theremin teacher, Lydia Kavina. Let's get the music going with the track that seems appropriate right now. Here are the end activists and a song called keep washing with soap.

Rick Reid  7:24  
from Denver, Colorado that was recording artists Mad Dog Friedman with mug there are many improvisation called the inner net. It's from his brand new album called viral. And before that Victoria Lundy played Theremin in the in activists hygenic tune keep washing with soap. Normally this is the time the show where I mentioned some of the concerts and workshops happening around the world this month. Unfortunately, nearly every event involving a crowd has been canceled or postponed. So I'm populating the calendar with online workshops and streaming or broadcast performances. Most notably Lydia cabin is conducting a series of online workshops. She'll be giving us all the details later in the show. Coming up after the break, I've got some homeschooling music from Dr. g. So stay tuned.

Rick Reid  8:25  
Musical science educator Dr. g was supposed to go on a mini concert tour of public libraries across Nova Scotia, Canada this spring, but all of his scheduled performances had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Watch for new dates on our calendar as soon as I have updated information. For now though, here's a brand new track from Dr. g. It's called electromagnetism Science, Science, Science, Science science

Rick Reid  16:33  
That was waves of the Danube classical waltz performed by Romanian thereminist Benedict Popescu. That recording is available as a bonus track when you purchase the Theremin 100 compilation album that was recently released by the New York Theremin society. Benedict designs and builds his own therapists, you've got to take a look at the instrument he plays in his music video for waves of the Danube. It's on the Theremin 30 YouTube playlist. To find it just go to YouTube and search for Theremin three zero. After the break, I'll visit with my special guest Lydia Kavina to find out about her new series of online workshops, so stay tuned.

Rick Reid  17:22  
I had the pleasure of visiting with Lydia Kavina. Recently, as a child in the Soviet Union, Lydia took Theremin lessons from Leon Theremin himself. Since then she's become an indemand concert performer and has taught Theremin workshops all over the world with her concert schedule in pause mode right now due to the global pandemic. She's still teaching all over the world, but she's doing it online from her home in Oxford, England. Hello, Lydia. Hello, Rick. First of all, how are you doing? How's your family?

Lydia Kavina  17:53  
Well, thank you very much. Fine. Obviously, it's time like the day they're stood still, for a short while, hopefully not for too long. But it's time to get your work done. And then everything that was waiting for longer time, there's a chance to sort and prepare for the next projects.

Rick Reid  18:14  
There's an old saying, When life gives you lemons make lemonade and it sounds like you made some lemonade with your new online Theremin workshops.

Lydia Kavina  18:24  
Yes, actually. And I asked myself how that I didn't come to this idea before. Because online workshops give something that you never can do in real workshops where people have to come to one place. Online workshops, let people communicate wherever they are separated in the world. They can come together and discuss online even if they are in different time zones in different countries not involving them to travel.

Rick Reid  18:58  
I haven't participated in one of your workshops yet. Can each student see the other students participating at the same time?

Lydia Kavina  19:05  
Yes, we do see how everyone plays. So we normally let's one by one people playing and we discussed their technique, I give advices to depth techniques. And then they ask questions, and I invite a special guest. So last time the special guest was Terry Frankel, who is the best expert for any technical problems. And of course, people had questions to him and that was great opportunity for them.

Rick Reid  19:35  
You do private lessons over Skype as well is this a similar thing just with a bigger group all at once.

Lydia Kavina  19:43  
Actually, it is not the similar thing. There's a little bit of flavor of instruction. Of course, that's if there's a one to one Skype lesson much more closer work and it is much more effective, obviously for develop. The technique, but in the workshop, the main idea is communication exchanging ideas exchanging experience within the bigger group which is completely different the workshop even if it is not online, so the workshop when we meet in real life, it is very important for people to see the variety of different people, different testimonies, different Theremin approach and interest and style of playing, and so on. So the workshops bring the feeling of the big community and variety that Theremin involves different musicians, different styles, you know,

Rick Reid  20:46  
how many students can participate in a workshop at the same time,

Lydia Kavina  20:49  
the comfortable number is up to 10. Because if this is bigger number, then it is difficult to bring everyone involved. So it's not quite easy to keep the workshop interesting and intensive for everyone at the same time. So let's say from three to 10 people,

Rick Reid  21:11  
do students need a certain app or software or equipment to be able to connect to you.

Lydia Kavina  21:17  
Yes, of course, people need a web camera, which is actually used in each smartphone. And by many computers, redo the conferences in zoom. So I sent invitation and everyone get logged in, in zoom meeting. And then we have this conversation when everyone has got several small pictures of all the participants. And it is good if they set up their Theremin in front of the camera so that they can play. But it is not necessary. Some participants can participate just in the discussion without playing. It's up to them. It's absolutely not compulsory to play if they don't wish. But even if they just see how others play, it is already educational. So this is very convenient. Actually.

Rick Reid  22:13  
What's your schedule for the workshops coming up? Is it every Friday or now? Are you doing it twice a week?

Lydia Kavina  22:19  
Yes, I definitely do. Every Friday, I decided to pick up this particular day and particularly 6pm time as that was the time when I got my lessons from Leon Theremin when I was told by him. So that's sort of tradition. So it is suitable for Europe and for the United States. But I understood that half of the world cannot use this time. So also another time Sunday's are at 10 o'clock of London time, which would be comfortable for the eastern countries like Japan, China, Australia.

Rick Reid  23:02  
So let's see how it goes. What's the cost to participate?

Lydia Kavina  23:05  
The cost is 10 pounds per participation?

Rick Reid  23:09  
And how long does each session last? Is it one hour, two hours? It runs? about two hours? And how do people find out more information and sign up for the next workshop coming up?

Lydia Kavina  23:21  
People normally sign in via an email. And I asked them about their background so that I can be prepared for discussion and how I will run the workshop?

Rick Reid  23:32  
What email address do they need to use to contact you?

Lydia Kavina  23:36  
It is info at Lydia karina.com

Rick Reid  23:39  
is this going to be for the next several weeks and then stop or keep going indefinitely?

Lydia Kavina  23:45  
I think I run it during the current period. And then the schedule might be not that regional because in usual life, the concert schedule might break these original stations. But we'll see. Right habits get better soon.

Rick Reid  24:03  
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit with me. I think I'll probably sign up for one of the workshops coming up soon.

Lydia Kavina  24:09  
Great looking forward to you and take him in your country.

Rick Reid  24:15  
Now let's wrap up this first anniversary episode of Theremin 30. With music from the new album waves in strings. There have been 100 project. It features Lydia cabina on Theremin and piano and sviatoslav Bella no golf on Viola and viola d'amore. Here's the first drac it's called Fata Morgana. It's named after a type of Mirage that can appear above the horizon over bodies of water.

Rick Reid  29:02  
We're almost out of time for this month my thanks to the artists who allowed me to play their music in the show, please click on their names in the show notes on the Theremin 30 website to learn more about them and to find out how to purchase their downloads and CDs. A lot of musicians have lost income opportunities because of COVID-19. So please do what you can to show your support. Also, my thanks to my special interview guests, Lydia cabina. If you want to sign up for one of our online workshops, there's an email link in the show notes coming up in the May episode of the Theremin 30 podcast. My interview guests will be Andy Barron and Mike Buffington cofounders of the RCA Theremin registry at RCA theremin.com. Until then, I'm your host, Rick Reid. Thank you for tuning in.

David Brower  29:51  
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