Here's a handy list of every song featured in the podcasts. Click the artists' names to go to their websites.


Episode 1 - April 1, 2019

"Pantone" - James Bohn (New Bedford, MA, USA)

"Theremin is My Madness" - Everling (Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany)
"Anómala" - Veronik (Lima, Peru)
"Sue-a-Rat" - Nachtsmeer (Manchester, England)
"Angel Wings" - Beat Frequency (Croxley Green, England)
"Therexotica" - 
Voolva (Paris, France)

Episode 2 - May 1, 2019

"Tesla" – Ernesto Mendoza (Mexico City, Mexico)
"Miss American Vampire" – 
Victoria Lundy  (Wheatridge, CO, USA)
“Serpenteriae” – 
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel (Atlanta, GA, USA)
"Not" – 
Modersohn-Becker (aka Greta Pistaceci) (London, England)
"My Summertime Dreams" – 
Shueh-Li Ong  (Nashville, TN, USA)

Episode 3 - June 1, 2019

"Esperanto Samba" - The Inactivists (Denver, CO, USA) "Dear Sister" - Leaf Rapids (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) "Distant Shores" - Thorwald Jørgensen (Dordrecht, Netherlands) "East EQ Zone" - Eric Ross (Binghamton, NY, USA)

Episode 4 - July 2, 2019

"Pimlico" - Matteo Ciminari (London, UK)
"Schneeleichen" - Dorit Chrysler (New York, NY, USA)
"What Are Stars?" - Dr G (Halifax, NS, Canada)
"Canaveral" - James Bohn (New Bedford, MA, USA)
"Rosetta and Philae" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)